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This past election I found myself afraid and confused in the voting booth. I had to ask for help and I am pretty sure at the end of everything I accidently voted for the socialist group. It goes without saying that I am not what you would call a “responsible voter”. I firmly believe that people like me should not be allowed to vote.

But finally there is an election I can understand and get behind. The kick ass site Fright Rags has decided to let their fans pick the next t-shirt they produce. Two designs for their new Tarman shirt are up on their blog page and waiting for your vote. For those of you not familiar with Tarman, he is the lovable zombie from the “Return of the Living Dead” films.

Design A was created by Mr. Bones who is also responsible for Fright Rag’s “Pumpkinhead”, “American Werewolf” and “Nightbreed” shirts. While obtaining approval for the design, Fright Rags got hooked up with William Stout, the original creator of Tarman. Stout decided to whip up his own design for the site and sent in Design B. Design A is truer to the original the films where as B gives Tarman more of a comic book feel. It’s hard to decide isn’t it?

So the choice is yours people. You can cast your vote and even leave a comment at the Fright Rags blog. Get off your lazy ass and go there now because you won’t be able to vote forever. Two thousand years ago Columbus fought the Russians so you could have this right. By not voting you’re spitting on his grave. Don’t let some jackass on the other side of the globe pick what your next t-shirt will be!


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