Fright Rags on 30 Rock!

Good friend and awesome horror T-shirt maker Ben from Fright Rags emailed this morning to give us some great news, that last night one of his shirts made it onto the NBC hit show "30 Rock!"

I met Judah Friedlander at a show a few years ago and he really liked the shirts and wanted to wear one on the show. We kept in contact for a bit after that but nothing came out of it. But then he wrote me this past August and said that the wardrobe dept. from the show was going to be contacting me soon about which shirt he could wear on the show. I figured the best choice was the WWJD? shirt so I sent a couple to them and they worked it into the show!

We just wanted to say congrats to Ben. We've been friends with him and devout followers of Fright Rags for as long as Bloody Good Horror has been around, so we can say with confidence that he makes some of the best horror shirts around. So check out Fright Rags, and if you happen to buy anything, be sure to tell him that BGH sent you.

Eric N

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