Video Proof of the Existence of "Duke Nukem: Forever"

Gamers of the 90's will recognize Duke Nukem as the gun wielding, strip club frequenting antihero featured in over a dozen games since 1991. I personally spent a lot of time with "Duke Nukem: Time To Kill" in middle school, but most gamers were more attached to the original PC versions. Although there hasn't been a solid entry in the series since the late 90's, there's been a game titled "Duke Nukem: Forever" that has been in development since...1997. This particular game has probably gotten more press than any other game in recent history, either for having its release date pushed back another year or five, or being mocked for such announcements. With the recent shutdown of 3D Realms, the developer of the infamous franchise, the fate of DNF ("Duke Nukem: Forever" or "Did Not Finish") looks pretty grim. However, the whole debacle has left the gaming public with something they had been looking for before, video proof of DNF gameplay that validates it's existence. (NOTE: NSFW for stripper bewbage)

What can I say? Gameplay footage can be deceiving, but this looks like it could be pretty damn fun. It's the same sex, violence, and pig faced aliens that brought Duke to the dance so to speak, but with a little bit of next-gen polish. Despite it's maligned existence, "Duke Nukem: Forever" might actually be close to being a solid, maybe even great game. Honestly though, if this game floundered for 12 years when it actually had a studio behind it, I can't imagine that it has a better chance to survive when it's floating in the abyss.

Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage


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