Unused "Halloween II" Trailer, Oi Vay

I thought long and hard about how to not come off as just hating Rob Zombie with this post but you know what, I just can’t do it. The video you see below is apparently an unused trailer for “Halloween II” which finally sees the light of day next Friday. For the most part it’s a lot of the same shots you’ve already seen. Because of this I was fine with the trailer, that is until the 1:39 mark hit. Then Zombie had to go and throw in the fucking Moody Blues! “Nights In White Satin” no less. How clever, a 60’s make out song playing in the background while Laurie is being attacked. The only thing you could have done to anger me more is play “Free Bird”.

Anyway you can take a look at the unused trailer and post up what song you think would be best to get murdered by. It’ll be fun!


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