"Under the Mountain" trailer

Based on a beloved kiwi fantasy novel, "Under the Mountain" is the latest film from "Black Sheep" director Johnathan King. Taking place in Auckland, New Zealand, twin teenagers Rachel and Theo Matheson discover that their neighbors are not who they appear to be and uncover an ancient secret that lurks beneath the volcanoes of Auckland. Together with Mr. Jones, played by the ever awesome Sam Neill and their cousin, the twins must discover their super secret Harry Potter powers to save all of eternity. Exciting, yes?

While Johnathan King has been talking up his new film as "The Thing" for teenagers, I'm a little leery of giving him credit just yet. Don't get me wrong, New Zealand is a great location for a film and Sam Neill is always outperforming his mole, but maybe I'm just too old for the kids with magical powers movies. I think I'm going to use my kid movie pass on "Where the Wild Things Are" instead.



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