Uncle Coffins' Creature Double-Feature

No matter what you think about the upcoming “H2: Halloween 2” film, you gotta love Bill Moseley. I’ve been a fan every since he played Chop Top in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”. Well Mr. Moseley was to play "Uncle Seymour Coffins" in the second installment Rob Zombies “Halloween” reboot, but unfortunately a few weeks back was replaced by the dude you see above. He's Haddonfield’s very own Creature Double Feature host who brings the best in horror to the masses every Friday night at 10:30 on channel 18.

With the viral brigade in full force for this film Uncle Seymour went ahead and launched his own MySpace page a couple days back. Check out his page and you can find out what really makes him tick. For the most part it’s his love for mammary glands. Sorry if I spoiled that for you.

I love chick flicks because chick flicks make strippers cry and take off their clothes. Many strippers are now my puppets of destruction!

I have mixed feelings about the new film but I have to say this is pretty cool. “H2: Halloween 2” is currently scheduled to release on August 28th.


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