Twisted Metal - The Lost Endings

As Eric can attest, the "Twisted Metal" series is on the very top of my nostalgia list, as I wasted countless evenings blowing up pixely buildings, unlocking secrets and viewing Metal's trademark ridiculous endings. The oft-ridiculous, morbidly moralistic endings always manged to be satisfying in the way few modern games can match.

Most "Twisted Metal" fans will readily recognize the strange mix of extreme comic art, live action special effects, and extreme angles that defined the series' endings from the second game, but apparently, the situation with the endings of the first game is slightly more interesting. After originally stumbling on the so-called "lost endings," on the YouTubes, I tried finding out any information I could about them. All I could turn up was the fact that they were apparently scrapped for being too "violent and sexist." After watching a good number of them, I surmised that they probably had to be scrapped because they were not only some of the most hilariously shit-awful D-movie clips I've ever seen, but I'd be goddamned if these things wouldn't have given my 12-year-old self some SERIOUS nightmares.

Take a look at some of the funnier ones...

Spectre Gets a Second Chance

Mr. Grimm gets...Skeleton Arms?

Roadkill returns to the Jungle

Sweet Tooth gets his Paper Bag

Sleep tight folks!


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