Splatterhouse on XB360/PS3!

In searching for pictures of the original "Splatterhouse" video game to go with a blog post begging for a modern revamp of the series, I stumbled on something that many horror and video game nerds have known for some time: IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Granted, I've only played the "Splatterhouse" games on an emulator, but I was always fascinated with the featuring Jason-esque protagonist in ultraviolent (for the time) 2d beat-em-up mayhem. I would have been happy with a re-skinning for XBox Live Arcade, but this is something totally different and exciting!

Via 1up.com

The developer behind the game is BottleRocket, who in various incarnations were responsible for the Sony PS2 hits Mark of Kri and Rise of the Kasai. Both of those games were attractive (they basically looked like a Disney film in terms of character design and animation) and -- belying the smooth graphics -- surprisingly violent. This made BottleRocket a solid choice to develop the revival of Namco Bandai's hyper-violent action series, which will arrive on both PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime around mid-2009. You can look at the in-game model of Rick above to get an idea of what the actual game looks like...

Some have complained about the departure from the more human-esque rendering of Rick from the first three games, but honestly, how could this dude be any less badass? Plus, I'm not inclined to knock anyone that shows the same taste in cutoff jean shorts. Color me completely fucking stoked for Splatterhouse 2009, and shenanigans on me for not finding out sooner!


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