#TweetWithBGH Takes On Hellraiser: Hellseeker

After taking a week off of our Hellraiser recaps so Sophie and Evan could join our BGH friends and fans at Horror Hound, we were back this week to live-tweet our viewing of Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker. Known to some fans as “the decent one” of the late years, the movie brings back franchise regular Ashley Laurence to co-star with Dean Winters (Oz, 30 Rock, and “Mayhem” from Allstate commercials) in a story about a man whose wife (Laurence / “Kirsty”) goes missing after he survives a car accident that should have killed them both. It’s an unusual premise for a Hellraiser film…here were some of our thoughts.

We noticed the exciting casting choices right away:

Then we got our first taste of unspeakable gore.

Turns out, like Hellraiser V: Inferno, “Hellseeker” was a spec script that was rewritten and shoved into a franchise ready for some DTV sequels. This--and the low budget-- probably explained some of the bizarre extraneous touches.

Then Sophie, the Giles of BloodyGoodHorror, took a look through the archives and unearthed a piece of news that changed everything:

Yes, apparently the great Ashley Laurence was paid for her participation in Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker with …. a refrigerator. This derailed us for a while. The plot of the movie just couldn’t compete.


But eventually the strangeness onscreen reclaimed our attention. It wouldn’t be a Hellraiser movie without weird sex!

Even vending machine sex:

And sex during acupuncture:

Also typical to the Hellraiser franchise: complete and utter plot collapse

Followed by our complete and utter inability to understand how this franchise keeps producing so many damn sequels:

Hellraiser VI, you were far from the worst of the franchise (and we’ve been promised that, as with all trips to Hell, the worst is yet to come). Next week our journey continues with Hellraiser: Deader. See you on Sunday!



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