True Blood Beverage In A Store Near You

The "Tru Blood" synthetic blood beverage ads I saw around New York City in 2008 were a pleasingly prankish campaign for the then-new show. I like media that puts a little faith in people to figure it out and look things up. In true fiction-conquers-reality fashion, however, the beverage from the show will soon be in your local store. It won't be synthetic blood, which is sad for wanna-be vampires but good for those of us with taste buds and a gag reflex. From the site:

...Enliven yourself with this uniquely carbonated, slightly tart, lightly sweet blood orange drink.
All flavor. No Bite.

Omni Consumer Productshref>, an interesting company focusing on 'defictionalization', struck the deal with HBO's licensing to release the beverage. HBO's shop href> and Omni's site for ithref> have Tru Blood coming out September 8th.

There are some viral videos cropping up on YouTube that I've embedded below - let me know in the comments if you've seen them on TV. Some of them are apparently from the DVD special features of Season 1. Also let me know if you see the drink in a store or bar, and how it tastes!

Your typical beer ad goes awry...

This one gets a little crazy, y'all...

Now they need to release an alcoholic aphrodisiac called 'V'...



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