Troma's Jamie Grecco on The Rachael Ray Show

Recently my wife and I complained to our landlord so much about how loud our neighbors were that he finally got fed up and let us switch to a different apartment for free. Hell hath no furry like my wife when she's pissed off. But I can't imagine the random blasting of Lisa Loeb we heard was half as bad as what the people who live next to Jamie Grecco have to put up with.

Jamie's a Troma vet and recently found himself on the Rachael Ray show of all places. Not because of his work in the horror industry but because he's trying to get rid of his apartment. What ensues are three fun filled clips that you can view below where a realtor tries to rent an apartment that stinks of fake blood and vomit. Good luck suckers! Oh there's also a great recipe for Sloppy Joe's in there, too.

Skip to about 3:55 on the first clip, everything kicks off there.


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