"Transformers" Videogame Trailer is Deceptive

So my last post about liking "Transformers" was expectedly met with jeers from readers, which I expected, but I saw this today and thought I would invite more harassment.

I was almost fooled by this trailer for the videogame version of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"... then I remembered that 98% of movie-based games suck ass. Also, looking at the Amazon reviews of the last game, this series doesn't seem to be the exception to the rule.

Being that I'm still stuck in stone-age PS2 land, I'm actually considering picking up the original... you can't go wrong for $6.95, right? Check out the trailer, and feel free to warn me not to waste my hard-earned dollars in the comments.

Eric N

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Eric is the mad scientist behind the BGH podcast. He enjoys retro games, tiny dogs, eating fiber and anything whimsical.

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