Trailer: Uwe Boll's "Blubberella"

Yeah, I know I know - when I first heard Uwe Boll was making ANOTHER movie, I thought the same thing: How the HELL is he able to keep making movies?" Really, has this guy made ANYTHING that wasn't a steaming pile of monkey feces? EVER? I bet this guy even ruined his own home videos.

So when I heard the title of his latest debacle, I just rolled my eyes and made the jokes on twitter like everyone else. But I just saw the trailer over at Dread Central (and I'm almost ashamed to admit this) but I LAUGHED. And not a pathetic "oh my god, what is this?" nervous laugh...I actually LAUGHED. It's about a large, nay, FAT super heroine. She kicks major ass with her major ass!!! Come on - that's funny!

No really - watch it. It's not a trick. Now granted, this probably won't win any awards (well, good ones, anyways), and I would be hard pressed to even say this might qualify as a 'good' movie. It's definitely NOT a serious movie, but for the first time in the history of Uwe Boll films, a few of us might actually start paying attention. Now I won't be surprised if this turns into another stinker, but the fact we're even watching the trailer is probably more positive attention than Uwe's ever seen. Don't screw this up, buddy.

Blubberella - Official Trailer
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