Trailer: "The Book Of Eli" Hits Theaters Today

The new Hughes brothers film "The Book Of Eli" hits theaters today for your viewing pleasure and my hopes are high. While the duo are probably best known for their mid-90s film "Menace II Society" they've also dabbled in the horror genre with the 2001 Jack the Ripper tale "From Hell". And that starred a dreamy Johnny Depp so you can't really complain there.

"The Book Of Eli" is set in a post-apocalyptic America and stars Denzel Washington as Eli - the holder of the last known copy of the bible on earth - and Gary Oldman, the bad ass who wants to take it away from him. If you've been on the fence about seeing the movie all the reviews you're going to read probably won't help. People seem to be pretty split down the middle about this in general. Even Roger Ebert, who liked the film (he gave it 3 stars), seemed surprised by the fact that he did.

"The Book of Eli" hits theaters everywhere today, and will be the subject of next week's podcast episode.


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