Trailer for "Pornography: A Thriller"

From the trailer and everything I've read, "Pornography: A Thriller" looks to be an excellent, mindbending horror film debut. It's currently making festival rounds with writer/director David Kittredge (this is his feature length debut) and the film's producer, Sean Abley (an industry vet who blogs for Fangoriahref>) at many of the screenings. The trailer is below, and the official site is herehref>.

I missed the film when it screened in SF, but I understand there's hope for a theatrical release of some kind. The reviews linked from the movie's FaceBook page (itself linked from the main site) are worth a look - here's a quote from Louis Peitzman's reviewhref>:

"The best way I can explain the feel is Mulholland Dr. meets The Ring meets The Fluffer, maybe with a bit of Videodrome thrown in. Does that make any sense?"

Now that's a movie I'd like to see! Matthew Sorrento has a philosophical review on Film Threathref>, and Fangoria's interview with Sean and David is herehref>.

In the interests of disclosure, I should mention that David Kittredge and I have been acquaintances for a number of years - but it's not knowing David that has me excited for the film, it's knowing his taste and what he really gets about the genre and the experience of film.

"Pornography: A Thriller" has it's Philadelphia debut today, July 10th, and the LA premiere is on the 18th.



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