Trailer: After Dark's "The Final"

While I love a good High School revenge film the makers of "The Final" made one gigantic mistake. When you have a movie set in a high school with a bunch of bitchy girls you never actually cast real teenage girls. Rose McGowan was in her mid-twenties when she was cast a high school student in "Jawbreaker", and in turn I did not feel like a scumbag watching her.

But that aside, "The Final" looks to take the old "picked on kids go nuts" scenario to a whole new level. I'm pretty sure somebody gets disemboweled at a party for instance. I don't remember that happening in "Heathers" but I could just be forgetting something.

"The Final" will be a part of this year's After Dark film series and premiers later this months at theaters around the country. You can check out the trailer below.


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