Tony Todd to star in "24" Prequel

When musing about the potential blockbuster on-screen showdowns after Freddy Vs Jason was released, I can't honestly say that 'Jack Bauer Vs Candyman' was high on my list, but now that I've heard the news, I'm not all that disappointed.

As it turns out, amidst all of the clusterfuck of Keifer Sutherland's exploits, the writer's strike, and lackluster re-writes, the original direction of 24's seventh season has turned from a full on "Black Hawk Down" style scenario back to its original roots, sort of. In November (SAVE THE DATE! SAVE THE DATE!), Fox will compress its previous direction into a 2 hour prequel made-for-tv extravaganza, described as such on Wikipedia:

FOX will air a two-hour "prequel" TV movie on November 23, 2008 that bridges the gap between seasons.

The storyline of the prequel takes place during Inauguration Day for the next U.S. President, Allison Taylor, and is shot partially in South Africa. "[Jack] is a soul in turmoil and has been moving from place to place trying to find somewhere he can be at peace," says co-executive producer, Manny Coto. "But he winds up in Africa in the middle of a military coup." Meanwhile, Bauer is subpoenaed to appear before the Senate hearing while in Africa, but doesn't want to go. Howard Gordon revealed the prequel takes place approximately a year after day six.

Despite the fact that our good friend Tony Todd has been featured in 24 before as a detective the producers of the show have decided that perhaps his terrifying visage might be a bit more appropriate for say, a stereotypical African warlord, or something. If you blink while watching this trailer, you may miss "General Juma" completely, but it's worth a watch for fans of the series, of which I'm sure Eric and I are the only ones left.

Oh yeah, spoiler alert, Tony Almeida comes back from the dead this season. What the fuck?!


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