This Must be the Place for American Psycho

Miles Fisher, an actor who has appeared in television shows such as MadMen and Gossip Girl is now venturing into music with his take on The Talking Heads most romantic song, "This Must Be the Place." A song that would not seem to suit "American Psycho" so well. But that assumption would be wrong, because Fisher nails so many of "American Psycho's" best scenes to this tune that I now won't be able to think of anything remotely romantic while listening to it... now it's more like the thought of driving an axe into someone's skull. Let's just say, it definitely adds depth. har har.

The music video plays like a greatest hits of "American Psycho" showing Fisher doing the work out routine from the beginning, picking up prostitutes, and dancing around with an axe. His facial expressions are uncannily similar to Christian Bale's and I'm not surprised to read that one of Fisher's roles includes playing Tom Cruise in "SuperHero Movie."

I plan to pass this video on to all my hipster scum and horror friends. Finally, something cool we can agree on.



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