The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Reveal This Tuesday!

Many gamers were enthralled last year when Telltale games unleashed their emotional episodic Walking Dead game on the masses. We were all caught up with the weight of our decisions affecting the lives of fellow survivors and who didn't worry a little bit about protecting Clementine from the undead hordes when they went to sleep at night? Telltale teased us a bit with their '400 Days' expansion a few months back, but now it's time to reveal the new season!

This Tuesday, October 29th at Noon Pacific, Telltale will be revealing "The Walking Dead Season 2"! Nobody knows for sure what we're in store for, but judging from the press release picture here, we know Clementine's involved. While I'm sure I'm not alone, I myself was left crushed, sad and worried for the little girl's future at then end of Season 1 and can't wait to get back in there! Here's hoping the game comes out for the holidays and on all platforms so nobody's left out!


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