"The House Of The Devil" Director Hosts Live Twitter Chat

There's been a lot of buzz around the film "The House Of The Devil" and after showing at numerous festival it finally gets a release date this weekend, even if it is a limited one. So in honor of that the writer and director of the film, Ti West, will take part in a live twitter chat this coming Thursday from 11 to 12pm PST. Question one, what the hell kind of name is Ti? From there I am pretty open.

Here's how it works. At 11am PST on Thursday 10/29 login to twitter and put #DEVILHOUSE in the search bar and hit enter. Now you're soaking in it! From there be sure to tag any questions you have with #DEVILHOUSE and watch the fun unfold.

If you're not familiar with "The House Of The Devil" you can check out the trailer below. There's been mixed reviews but the idea of a college student being hired as a babysitter in a plot to use her in a satanic ritual is a new idea to me. So I'll give the film props for that. Then again I went to an art school so we do things differently around there. Girls at Yale might run into this kind of crap all the time.


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