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You freaking loved this movie when Uwe Boll directed it, right? Okay, that was a bit cruel, but Alone in the Dark II does have some B-Movie talent in it including Bill Mosely and Danny Trejo!

It's been awhile since we've seen a new Henenlotter flick! With a pedigree like "Basket Case" and "Frankenhooker", Bad Biology is at least worth a rental!

Everybody needs a little Euro-sleaze in their life. I can't tell you much about Blade of the Ripper and its serial killer plot, but you can guarantee it's going to be saucy!

Low budget horror doesn't get a lot of attention here in The Bargain Bin, but Dead at the Box Office seems pretty fun. Nazi mind control films disguised as a George Romero classic? It has to be better than "Diary of the Dead"!

"Demonic Toys" made a cheesy splash in its day. Can this new relaunch of the series Demonic Toys 2 stand up in the days of "Bakugan" and product placement cartoons?

Goodbye Gemini is pretty obviously about twins. What you don't know is just how into each other the twins are and just how far they'll go for each other!

Yo, Holla If I Kill You, aiight?

I'm not sure about the horror content of Inalienable, but that tender touch between a human and octopus on the cover gives me the willies.

I loved the quaint little virus movie Pontypool and you should to.

Saw IV came and went and the next one is already knocking at our door.

If you were a kid in the 80's much like myself? You took as much "Ghostbusters" as you could get your hands on! Everybody knows that The Real Ghostbusters beat the pants off that gorilla in the other crappy cartoon with a similar name.

Can the citizens of Tromaville fight off the threat of terrorism to keep their messed up way of life in tact? You'll have to watch Troma's War to find out!


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