The Doll From "The Conjuring" is the Star of John Leonetti's "Annabelle" (Trailer)

"The Conjuring" was a divisive movie. You either really dug it, or really didn't care for it. So which camp were you in? I hope it's the camp that liked it, because your'e getting more!

James Wan's "The Conjuring" had nothing to do with the creepy doll that the based on real life Warrens kept in their collection of creepy kitsch. So, it makes perfect sense to make a prequel style movie based entirely around that doll! "Annabelle", a new feature due October 3rd has just released its new trailer and while I have to admit I was not a big fan of "The Conjuring"...this trailer seems to have a good creep factor. While this movie is loosely tied to "The Conjuring", it is only produced by Wan. This time around, he's passing the directing reigns to John Leonetti.

My biggest worry is that we are now very very familiar with Wan's schtick, so will his producer influence give us more of the same for "Annabelle" or will he give Leonetti enough free reign to give us something new?

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