The Chicago Horror Film Festival

If you're even remotely interested in horror (and if you're not, why the hell are you reading this?) and you're anywhere near the Chicago area, you MUST check out the Chicago Horror Film Festival, hosted by author Jason Davis this coming weekend. This is a HUGE event spanning 3 days between this Friday, September 24th and Sunday the 26th. They have an amazing line up (click here to see), including one I've been salivating to see, "The Man Who Collected Food".

But this doesn't just have great movies - there's some excellent appearances, such as filmmakers Matthew Roth, Joseph Albanese, Todd Miro, Claudia Heinzl, Jeff Beckman, Paranormal Investigators Willy Adkins & George Hawrylenko and many more! Check out the full guest list .

Not only go you get to have a good time, but part of the proceeds go to Haunts Against Hunger! Who ever said nothing good ever came from horror and gore? Check them out on Facebook.

Still not excited? Christ, what is wrong with you? Fine. How about if actor and illusionist Master Ron Fitzgerald hosted the event? And they threw in the music of Voltaire?

I know you're excited now. But WAIT, THERE'S MORE!

Saturday the 25th is ZOMBIE DAY!!! There's not one but TWO Zombie Walks! A Zombie Dance off! The ever so famous Sinister Vision's Zombie Pin Ups contest!! And of course - ZOMBIE FILMS? What's that? You don't know how to dress up like a zombie? THEY'VE GOT YOU COVERED!!! Hank Carlson (Children of the Night and Buffy the Vampire Slayer) of Autumn Night Studios and Colleen Jones will be there to do your make up! WHAT AN AMAZING DEAL!!

I know you're expecting to pay HUNDREDS of dollars for such amazing amount of entertainment, but an entire weekend of horror can be YOURS for the LOW LOW price of $12 per day at the door or $30 for the whole festival!

So what are you waiting for?! Look now - operators are standing by!!!
Chicago Horror Fest Official Site.

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