The Behemoth Reveals "Game #3"

The Behemoth is an indie gaming studio that's very close to my heart. I recently beat "Castle Crashers" for the 3rd time this past weekend (gotta unlock the characters!) and I've been awaiting their announcement about their as yet untitled 3rd game with baited breath. With both a successful Contra-esque shooter (Alien Hominid) and an arcadey hack-and-slash adventure game (Castle Crashers) under their belts I had my guesses, but boy was I ever far off. Thanks to the generous (and likely overexcited) folks at the Behemoth, the teaser trailer for their next game dropped a day early, and what a trailer it is:

So, from what I gathered from all that insanity, "Game #3 (name pending)" looks to be a collaborative co-op platformer a-la "Little Big Planet," that plays twice as fast and contains twice the explosions. I'm a bit scared by the clock on the top of the screen but that too will be explained in time I'm sure. Although a cryptic "2010" release date is quite a ways off, I'll be checking their DevBlog constantly for the latest updates. Until then, I have some more hidden Castle Crashers weapons to find!


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