The Angels are Coming in "Legion" Trailer

This red-band trailer for the Biblical apocalypse film "Legion" feels really fresh and exciting to me, despite having many echoes of other films. The plot isn't exactly clear, but it looks like the Archangel Michael has escaped Heaven to track down the one child who can somehow save humanity. The problem? All the other angels (and a few plagues, from the look of it) have killed and possessed many humans and are trying to exterminate the human race, waitress and baby-savior included! I haven't seen Biblical horror done as well as this looks in a while. I said, there are so many movies this reminds you of, but somehow the package feels fresh. I guess we'll see when it comes out next year. Even if it's a Prophecy knock-off, if done well I'll be happy. What do you guys think? Are you excited too, or am I giving this one too much benefit of the doubt?



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