Sign the Petition to Save FEARnet!

Some weeks ago, we posted the bad news that Time Warner (aka the devil incarnate) was dropping FEARnet from its programing lineup, leaving genre fans without a solid horror television channel. Last night, we received an e-mail with some information about efforts to bring it back, and thought it was important to let you guys know about it!

We want to thank all of the FEAR fans who’ve written and called Time Warner to tell them that YOU want YOUR FEARnet back. We’d also like to thank everyone who has blogged and signed our ongoing Facebook petition. Wait a second…what do you mean you haven’t called? You haven’t signed our Facebook petition? You need to get moving, right now! Make sure you call Time Warner and demand that they bring FEARnet back, and sign our Facebook petition so we can continue to bring you uninterrupted FEAR 24/7. We have nearly 4,000 signatures on our Facebook petition and we won’t stop until we get at least 50,000 signatures!

Also, they've told us that they'll be giving some fearNET gear to the first 25 people to post a video on the petition page explaining why they want the channel back. So, if you like fearNET and/or free stuff, get your ass to the Save fearNET facebook petition, and if you're feeling particularly froggy, embed the video below on your blog/MySpace/what have you. It's a small gesture to show that you care about horror programming, and who doesn't love free stuff?


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