Time Warner Drops FearNET

Man, it seems like horror channels are constantly getting the shaft, doesn't it? You really have to wonder, how the most successful genre on a purely money-based scale, somehow has trouble sustaining its own channel.

News came down today that "FearNET", both a website and an on-Demand channel where you can stream horror films 24/7, has been removed by Time Warner Cable and Bright House from their lineups. No word on exactly why, but they shot the following missive out to the interwebs this morning with a call to arms:

"To all FEARnet fans who subscribe to Time Warner or Bright House Cable -- Time Warner and Bright House have dropped FEARnet from your cable line-up. They have eliminated your on-demand access to horror, thriller and suspense movies 24/7. If you want to once again see FEARnet on your cable system, your cable operator needs to hear from you. Call 1-877-FEAR-247, we'll connect you with your cable operator and you can let them know you want FEARnet (And be aware that for some customers, FEARnet is available on AT&T U-Verse and Verizon Fios)."

When stuff like this happens, it makes me think no one will ever be able to make a successful, sustainable horror channel in any form. The Horror Channel, MonstersHD, and now FearNEt have all kicked the bucket. So what gives, horror fans? Any theories as to why this seems so difficult?

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