Sex Dolls Gone Wild In "Air Doll"

So here’s a good story. A guy goes out and buys a sex doll. He takes it home and blows it up and then enjoys a romantic evening with it. Next day while this guys off to work the sex doll comes to life, goes out into the world and finds love and a job at a video store. Are you getting excited yet? Sicko.

“Kûki ningyô” or “Air Doll” is a new film by Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-Eda which tells this very same story. Who hasn’t wished that their sex doll would come to life while dressing it up for Christmas dinner? She won’t say it but I’m pretty sure my wife resents that fact that I still hang a stocking for Vickie above the fireplace

Hideo, who lives alone, owns a life-size “air doll”, which suddenly finds herself with a heart. Everything is new to her in the world outside Hideo’s house. She meets all kinds of people. The world is filled with so many beautiful things, but everyone seems to have some kind of hollowness, just as she has. In the morning, she pumps herself up, and takes a walk.

One afternoon, she meets Junichi who works at a rental video store, and instantly falls in love with him. A first date. New words she learns from him. She starts working with him at the store, enjoys talking and being with him. Everything seems to be going perfect, until something unexpected happens to the doll.

I’m thinking there’s a lot of “Lars And The Real Girl” with a splash of “Panochio” thrown in with a ton more sex on both fronts. In any case you can see the trailer for the film below. Don’t worry even if you don’t speak Japanese you can still get freaked the hell out.

By the way, this trailer might not be 100% safe for work. It depends on your boss' policy on plastic tits. Might want to ask him first.


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