Bunny the Killer Thing (Movie Review)

Luke's rating: ★ ½ Director: Joonas Makkonen | Release Date: 2015

Have you ever said to yourself, "I know what I need more of in my horror movies- lots of penis violence, rape, and horribly translated English!" If so then good news, Bunny the Killer Thing is your jam. Seriously though, we haven't seen this many severed penises since 2007's Teeth- but if it's possible, that movie came off slightly less rapey.

In Bunny The Killer Thing (so hard to type with a straight face) a group of friends are headed out to a cabin for a little R&R when they pick up a trio of travelers whose car has broken down. Being well-to-doers they invite them to stay then night at the cabin. Before long though their drunken shenanigans are cut short by a mutated human/rabbit (basically just a dude in a rabbit suit fitted with a huge fake penis) with an insatiable appetite for lady parts.

There are two sanctions of people, those who have seen the NSFW trailer for Bunny the Killer Thing and those who haven't and are living much simpler lives. If you're a part of the former odds are you'll know exactly what to expect from Joonas Makkonen's exceptionally bizarre film- outside of the premise that's been spread wide open for you above. It's not really about anything in particular and there's no easily distinguishable agenda aside from the unceremonious rape of any orifice that even slightly resembles a vagina- or shirt logo that mimics the female reproductive organ. It seems as though Makkonen's sole purpose when setting out to film this film is to make audiences endure the same fever dream he once had when he was tripping on any combination of illicit drugs. 

From the opening scene one cannot possibly approach the rest of the film with a straight face. Not to mention that the end of the opening credit sequence features a crudely sketched bunny with a hard-on ejaculating all over the director's name. It doesn't get much more poetic from there. In fact, the most commonly used word in the film begins with a 'P' and rhymes with wussy. Even the actor's hardly seem in on the joke at times, though they seem to be trying their best to vomit out Makkonen's badly translated script in any combination of English and Finnish. If not for some gleeful and over-the-top gore effects the killer bunny's constant whipping around of its massive penis might have come off as masturbatory. Speaking of which, there are three separate scenes featuring a character who just can't stop touching himself (besides the killer bunny man) in which the masturbation sounds are entirely too....squishy. 

It's not realistic to expect that a movie called Bunny the Killer Thing would be THE horror event of the year. However, Makkonen's understanding (or lack thereof) of the English language, audience's acceptance of rape, and racism makes for some truly baffling cinema. Bunny the Killer Thing is not without its merits as a horror comedy, but its excessively rapey personality is a total turn off. 

Note: Screened as part of the 2015 Fantasia Film Festival



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