Retro Trailer: "The Stuff"

So apparently, if you are a miner and you witness a strange goo-like substance erupting from the earth deep within your mine shaft, your first instinct would be to taste the stuff. Am I right?! In writer and director Larry Cohen's horror comedy, the goo found in the earth is found to be sweet, creamy, delicious and best of all no calories! Understandably so, the stuff becomes a nationwide craze (I mean, c'mon, who doesn't wanna eat stuff found oozing out of the ground?!) and even begins hurting ice cream sales. Fortunately for the ice cream industry, the stuff is revealed to be a living parasite that actually takes over the brain and turns people into zombies, while also eating them alive. As far as campy 80's cheese goes, this is one of the better, lesser known ones and is definitely worth a look. "The Stuff" stars Michael Moriarty, Danny Aiello and Paul Sorvino.



I like horror movies. That is all.

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