Retro Trailer: "Night of the Demons" (1988)

In the wake of the recent "Night of the Demons" remake, I thought we'd take a quick look at the original, one of my go-to Halloween themed movies. On Halloween night, 10 teenagers gather for a party at an old abandoned funeral parlor hosted by Angela (Mimi Kinkade) and Suzanne (Linnea Quigley). It's too bad they think it's a good idea to hold a past life seance. Of course, they unleash an evil spirit that possesses each one of them, one by one. Sure, you've seen this plot played out a million times, but there are some fun scenes to look forward to (um, the lipstick scene, anyone?) and some completely hilarious dialogue ("Bodacious boobies, sis!" - Judy's little brother, spying on her from a closet). And even better? The trailer is not safe for work!



I like horror movies. That is all.

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