Retro Clip: "Creepshow" (1982)

Every fall, I dig out some of my favorite horror movies that only feel right to watch around the Halloween season. If you've been following my blog, you know that I absolutely love, love, love, horror anthologies. One of my favorites, that comes out of my Halloween Horror Arsenal every year is the 1982 horror fan favorite "Creepshow." With the tagline: "the most fun you'll ever have being scared," how can you go wrong?! Writer Stephen King and director George Romero bring us 5 stories that are tied together with animated sequences featuring a young boy named Billy (played by King's own son, Joe Hill) who is punished by his father for reading horror comics. My personal favorite story from the film would have to be "Father's Day", about an old man who returns from the grave for the Father's Day cake his murderous daughter never gave to him. Enjoy.



I like horror movies. That is all.

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