Episode 200 - "Return of the Living Dead" plus much more!

It's time to celebrate 200 glorious episodes of Bloody Good Horror! Join us for a Google report, tons of fan-mail, and of course a review of the most oft-requested film in the history of the show, "Return of the Living Dead"!


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Additional References

Ernie is a Nazi
"The character Ernie (Don Calfa) is thought to be a Nazi due to him sharing his name with Ernst Kaltenbrunner. There are also character details that provide an indication of his past: Ernie listens to the German Afrika Corps march song "Panzer rollen in Afrika vor" on his Walkman while he embalms bodies, carries a German Walther P38, has a picture of Eva Braun in his morgue, refers to the rainstorm coming down like "Ein Toter Soldat" (which means "A Dead Soldier" in German)...and seems surprised and ashamed when he learns that the dead can feel pain. Dan O'Bannon, in the DVD commentary, mentions that Ernie was intended to be an escaped Nazi in hiding." (Source: IMDB)

"Cabin in the Woods" Trailer (YouTube)

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