Bloody Good Horror Podcast

Covering the best and worst of the horror genre since 2007, the Bloody Good Horror crew reviews the newest horror movie releases as well as cult classics each week. Bringing a diverse set of opinions and a healthy dose of insanity, Bloody Good Horror is for all types of horror fans -- hardcore, softcore, normie, juggalo, furry, etc. Welcome to the conversation.

We discuss the events that led to us being horror fans, and do a recap of the first half of 08.

This week we get in touch with our inner menstruating lycans with the 2000 film "Ginger Snaps".

Vaginal "Teeth" and "Black Sheep." Quite the interesting double feature.

We all have a hearty laugh over "The Happening".

Diary of the Dead makes us throw up in our mouths a little.

Jon and I do our best to describe the quality of "The Strangers".

This week we take a trip to the "Frontier(s)", and wish we'd stayed "Inside" instead.

More subtitles this week, as we review the French film "Ils".

The crew reviews the Spanish film "The Orphanage" in celebration of Mother's Day. Wait, what?

The crew tackles the 1984 cult classic "C.H.U.D."