Bloody Good Horror Podcast

"These guys have a great mix of really insightful knowledge and complete ignorance."

- Just Like Nikki, iTunes Review (5 Stars)

We all have a hearty laugh over "The Happening".

Diary of the Dead makes us throw up in our mouths a little.

Jon and I do our best to describe the quality of "The Strangers".

This week we take a trip to the "Frontier(s)", and wish we'd stayed "Inside" instead.

More subtitles this week, as we review the French film "Ils".

The crew reviews the Spanish film "The Orphanage" in celebration of Mother's Day. Wait, what?

The crew tackles the 1984 cult classic "C.H.U.D."

Argento's first two "Three Mothers" films have the crew split down the middle. Shocking.

By far our most requested back episode, we tackle the "Prom Night" remake and Eric and Schnaars get into it for the very first time, sparking their now infamous bromance.

Jon and I go head to head on "The Ruins", and Mark calls out the city of Chicago.