Plug it up, it's Will Arnett as Carrie

Ready your tampons, because it's about to get weird in here. The people from MSN's Cinemash have maybe reached the limits of weird with their new video featuring Will Arnett and Xavier: Renegade Angel from Adult Swim in their version of "Carrie."

As if "Carrie" wasn't an uncomfortable enough film to sit through, they have added cross-dressing and an inarticulate animated character, which will, upon viewing, be an obvious upgrade. Although there is no John Travolta getting a blowjob, the fashion is still in keeping with the original film and the death scenes are. . . electrifying.

I can't imagine how this little mashup came into existence, without an inebriating substance in the room or one of the writers from "Tim and Eric's Awesome Show," and I may need one of the two to have any understanding of what I just watched. This mashup makes me feel dirrty, but in a "Will Arnett makes a used tampon look pretty and I'm okay with that" kind of way.



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