Offical “Saw VI” Teaser, "Saw VII" director

Yesterday we got our first look at “Saw VI” thanks to a clip from the Lionsgate booth at Comic-Con. Well today we got a full on teaser trailer for your viewing pleasure.

Not a ton of info given in the trailer but we do get a glimpse at some of the traps that will be set as well as some seriously bad CGI hallways. The big hook (pun intended) to this one is that “Jigsaw's grand scheme is finally understood”. Why that’s taken this many films is beyond me and where they’ll go after is a mystery. For now we can just sit back and enjoy the comfort that every Halloween there will be a new “Saw” movie for us to either enjoy or mock. I for one can sleep better at night knowing that.

“Saw IV” will hit theaters on October 23rd. Meanwhile, the announcement landed last night that David Hackyl, director of last year's "Saw V", will be returning to helm "Saw VII", which is already in development. Oh boy.


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