Horror Headlines: Monday, September 19th, 2011

ABC has picked up the rights to a new TV series titled "Jekyll and Hyde" which is based on the classic tale of Frankenstein. I kid. The show will take place in modern day San Francisco and focus on a female detective who tries to hunt down a mad scientist. She also builds a monster out of dead people. I kid again.

The good people over at WWE have snagged the rights to a new post-apocalyptic thriller about a group of survivors who make on last stand as the world comes to an end titled "The Day". I've got to say this actually sounds kind of cool, and as long as they don't go putting Stone Cold Steve Austin in the lead role it might have some potential. You give these kind of thought provoking roles to The Rock obviously.

As a child I had a pretty hefty crush on Meg Foster, she played Evil-Lyn in "Master of the Universe" and was scary and hot at the same time. Now she's been added to the cast of Rob Zombie's "Lords of Salem" as the leader of a witch coven that comes back to haunt modern day Salem. I can not think of a more appropriate role for Foster. With her sexy sexy eyes and frightening as all hell face.

And with the spooky time season coming up it only makes sense that we would get a trailer for "Halloween: XXX Porn Parody", the latest in a string of porns that will probably end up being more entertaining than the remakes they're based on. I hope this one is in theaters though.

In Real People News: 

Here's a story about a Florida kid who snapped on one of his classmates and choked the living crap out of him. And by kid I mean a 12 year old and by choked the crap out of I mean till the other kid passed out. Which must have looked kind of bad ass. I bet he's like the cool Beiber of his school now or something.

It's just like "Weekend at Bernie's"! Two Texas men are under arrest after they delayed reporting their friends death so that they could have a night out on the town with his credit cards. I don't know if they strung him up and took him out with them but I like to think they did. Man that would be funny.


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