Horror Headlines: Wednesday July 27th, 2011

If you're looking for something to give you nightmares tonight then you're in luck because there's a new trailer for Alex de la Iglesia's "The Last Circus". It's chock full of sad clowns, clowns in the mood and of course clowns that will beat the living hell out of you for looking at them the wrong way. Clowns don't play son.

Tickle me excited folks because "Return of the Living Dead" is getting its own documentary. Beverly Randolph, who plays Tina aka not the one who stripped in the graveyard in the original film is an executive producer on the project that's currently gearing up for production. The doc will focus on the first 3 films in the series and will sadly ignore "Rave to the Grave", which just missed cashing in on the techno fad by a short 10 years.

A brand spanking new post for the upcoming Troma film "Father's Day" has hit the net and after seeing it and reading the description I'm a little disturbed. Apparently the movie focuses on a mad man who stalks a town by raping and murdering all the local fathers. Does this happen a lot? I think I need to reconsider this whole parenting thing.

For those of you out there sitting and waiting for the release of Josh Schwartz's "Fun Size" then get excited because the Halloween comedy will hit theaters on October 12th 2012. Then get depressed because you're sitting around waiting for a movie that's being directed by a guy who produces "Gossip Girl" and features Chelsea Handler. You feel stupid now don't you? Good.

In Real People News: 

I worked at the customer service counter of a local grocery store in High School and I can confirm that people get pissed when they don't get to return their Ring Dings that they think are stale. After reading this story about an angry New Hampshire man I can now also confirm that people also get really pissed when they can't return a van they think is damaged. Pissed to the point of driving the van into 7 or 8 other cars on the lot.

Well this is a new one. A California man had his eyebrow bitten off by a young girl after he tried to stop her and her mother from attacking another young woman in a parking lot recently. I had no idea this was even possible. I'm not even mad, just impressed.


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