Horror Headlines: Monday March 23rd, 2009

Here's a cool new poster for "Martyrs", the French film which I'm sure you're all getting close to sick of hearing about. Featured on the new quad are a handful of quotes from some other horror sites, which is always a cool thing to see, even if John Shelton's name is conspicuously missing from it ;)

This is a teaser for "Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors #1 and it's pretty kick ass. Just think, instead of the remakes we could be seeing this action on the big screen. Such a shame.

Alyssa Milano will be doing the vocals for Sigourney Weaver's character in the upcoming "Ghostbusters" game. That's what you call a "boner upgrade" my friend.

Variety reports on why the original poster for Park Chan-Wook's "Thirst" was banned in his native Korea. You can take a look at the comparison at the link. The original is a little sexier, but the revamped version actually turned out visually more interesting. Go figure?

Shawnee Smith to return as Amanda in "Saw VI". The producer also says it will be "a lot more violent than the previous five". Um... okay. All I want to know is when will they bring Tobin Bell back as a zombie, because we all know that's the logical place this series should go.

In Real People News: 

Company in Thailand markets "Ghost Repellent Machine", which "uses a camera to capture a ghost's image, then bombards it with their Wave Killer technology. Sure your wiener shrinks as a side effect, but your home will be ghost free!

Having successfully rid Gambia of "all the gays", their president is now trying to get rid of all the witches. In this topsy turvy world, it's at least good to know that a politician somewhere is getting something done .

Man kills wife because she interrupted his "drinking time". I have nothing to say about this that won't be incredibly offensive, so you'll have to pen your own finely crafted jokes.

On this day in history: 

1989: A 1000-foot diameter asteroid misses the Earth by only 500,000 miles. (Astronomers did not see it until it passed.)

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