Horror Headlines: Thursday March 12th, 2009

Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will be directing a remake of the 1963 Roger Corman flick "X: The Man with the X Ray Eyes". Never seen it myself, but as long as it doesn't turn out like "Hollowman" I'll be happy. Fresnadillo, for his part, directed the recent "28 Weeks Later".

Alex Proyas, director of "I, Robot", really hates FOX. He's so bitter over their tinkering and ridiculous orders (jokes! jokes! jokes!) that he's actually warning filmmakers off of working with them, and apparently, telling CHUD all about it. It's good to at least have a director speaking out about this. How is it that the studio that released "Meet Dave", "Space Chimps", "What Happens in Vegas", "27 Dresses" and "Jumper" ALL IN THE SAME YEAR is still allowed to make movies? I think it's time for someone to break out the "bad monkey stick".

Here's a look at some hi-res stills for "Lesbian Vampire Killers". And yes, all the red blooded males are probably going to want to click on that.

Planning on attending this year's Tribeca Film Festival in New York? Here's the midnight screening schedule, where they put all the genre films airing at the fest.

In Real People News: 

Horse bites off man's wiener. Somewhere right now, Eric Cartman is celebrating his victory.

Chinese woman has "howled" through the streets of her hometown for 26 years. Residents of the small town are used to it, claiming she's something like an "air alarm". Oh China, doesn't anything surprise you anymore?

Yorkshire is being overrun with massive colonies of rats, and yet all I can think of when I read this story is "The Rat King" from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Go figure.

On this day in history: 

1888: The massive and unexpected Blizzard of 1888 strikes the East coast of the United States, paralyzing New York and many other cities and leaving at least 400 dead. Snowdrifts fifty feet high were reported, and New York received over 40 inches of snow.

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