Horror Headlines: Wednesday February 23rd, 2011

A boat load of new clips and interviews have popped up on the tubes for the upcoming flick "The Mortician 3D" starring the one and only Method Man as a Mortician. Because when you're putting together a cast you want to get some or all of the Wu-Tang Clan. Puffy is good, but Wu-Tang is better, Wu-Tang is for the children. If you get the reference you're my new best friend.

DJ Caruso, who directed "Eagle Eye", "Disturbia" and "The Salton Sea" has officially signed up to directed "Preacher", a big screen adaptation of the one graphic novel I've read in my lifetime. This of course means it's my favorite graphic novel of all time so I'm super pumped about this. Yeah pictures!

If you're unfortunate enough to have seen "Knightriders" then you probably can't see Tom Savini without having awful flashbacks of him in a Speedo. Well get ready to have a seizure because there's a new documentary coming out focusing on the hairy F/X one titled "Smoke and Mirrors". To get the flash backs going the doc has a new trailer up on the nets, welcome to hell my friends.

Here's a new clip from "Battle: Los Angeles" which reiterated a point I've been making for years. Never trust dogs, ever. Or any animal really. I've got a pet turtle and I would shoot that thing in the face the second I think it's turning on me. You hear me Boxy?! You're nothing!

In Real People News: 

An 11 year old in Colorado recently had the cops come to his house and slap him with a third degree misdemeanor after merely doodling some stick figures in school. Of course one stick figure, labeled "me", was holding a gun and shooting at a bunch of other stick figures with the words "Teacher Must Die" above it. So that's sweet.

Here's a fun one from Latvia. A 27 year old man has been arrested for shooting another man in a movie theater because he was apparently eating popcorn too loudly while watching "Black Swan". So I guess you can indirectly say Natalie Portman caused this entire thing. So you heard it here first, Natalie Portman is a murderer and must be stopped!


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