Horror Headlines: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

The Holiday's are over, my friends. Now there is nothing but cold and misery to look forward to for the next 3 months. Sure you've got your New Years resolution, but you probably broke that already. I for one have opted to make mine somewhat reasonable. My promise to you is I will gain 15 pounds by 2013. I should have set it higher to be honest, I think I'm already up 7 from this past Sunday. Wish me luck.

Did you know that Tom Sizemore is still alive? I know I was surprised too, but there he is, popping up in the new trailer for "Human Factor", a new film about two investigators trying to find the reason for a mass disappearance of homeless people. Well alright his name is in the trailer, you don't actually see him. But I have to assume he pops up somewhere. I can't imagine they dug up his corpse or anything.

I have no idea what "Jessa Kill" is about but I'm 99% sure it stars a porn star, or would be porn star, as a some kind ninja cheerleader who kills zombies. It's a web series, I know that much. The porn star thing is what really got me hooked though. Episode 1 recently launched and it kind of made me feel all squishy inside. Ya know what I mean? Me either.

Marco Beltrami, an Oscar nominated composer who has a name that makes me question my sexuality, has been hand picked by the gods to compose the score for the upcoming big screen adaptation of "World War Z". For those of you not in the know that book revolves around a UN employee who races around the world trying to stop the zombie apocalypse. Beltrami... just say it out loud.

Yesterday I guess there was news that "Piranha 3DD" would be going direct to DVD over in the UK. I was sleeping most of the day so I missed this. But today it looks like that news was horse doodie anyway so crisis averted. This morning was a real roller coaster ride of emotions for me.

In Real People News: 

Pit bulls are adorable and all but make no mistake once they get a taste for blood they will destroy any human they come in contact with. For instance this jogger in Chicago who was attacked for 45 minutes by a blood thirsty duo. 45 minutes... Doing anything for 45 minutes is miserable, especially getting your ass bit by two dogs.

And because you want the holidays to last just a little longer, here's a video of Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper and Weird Al singing "Come Together" on New Years Eve. You're welcome.


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