New Wolfenstein Trailer Online

Before there was Call of Duty or Medal of Honor there was Castle Wolfenstein. The 1981 game that I spent hours playing on the Commodore 64 bares little resemblance to any of today's first person shooters but it did pave the way for the 1992 hit Wolfenstein 3-D. This game changed my life. Probably not for the better, since I spent most of that summer sitting in front of a computer killing Nazi’s and eating microwave corn dogs. None the less, this game really opened up the flood gates for the modern day first person shooter and I loved it, even if it did mean girls wouldn’t talk to me till college.

Now the trailer for the next installment has been released. Currently scheduled for a Q3 release, the game simply titled Wolfenstein seems to focus more on the supernatural aspect than any of its predecessors. Sure Wolfenstein 3-D ended with a fight to the death against a giant robot Hitler but for the most part it was all Doc Martins and Goose Stepping. I have to say I’ve got high hopes for this one. Much like Doom I’ve always found that anything with the word Wolfenstein in the title has my vote. You can see more videos and info on the game at it's site.


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