New "District 9" featurette

After all the build-up with those "For Humans Only" posters everywhere and a tiny teaser trailer, we finally get a real glimpse at the upcoming "District 9" with this new featurette below. It has lots of footage we haven't seen yet and interviews with director Neil Blomkamp, producer Peter Jackson, and actor Sharlto Copley. This featurette reveals some of the major plot points, but I'm hoping there are still a few surprises left. "District 9" hits theaters August 14th.

Blomkamp was originally supposed to direct a "Halo" adaptation for Jackson, and then the studio suits got in a fight over rights and that fell through. Jackson and some suits felt they owed Blomkamp, opening the way for "District 9" to be developed from his short film "Alive in Joburg", which is available around the net href>but will likely spoil "District 9" for you if you watch it. href>
This website has a round-up of links to the viral sites for the film. href> (at the bottom). "District 9" will be released on August 14th.