Netflix Streaming Friday - Week of February 25th, 2011

I swear, Netflix Streaming is turning me into a big nostalgic baby. When I think of classic horror television from my childhood, there's some obvious shows that come to mind, "Tales from the Crypt", "Monsters", "The X-Files", "Dark Shadows", all that jazz. There was one that I sorta forgot about until I read it's name going through this week's new additions to Netflix's Instant Stream, but upon reading I was awash in a wave of nostalgia, "Eerie, Indiana". If you remember the show, it was that same feeling you just got.

"Eerie, Indiana" is at it's heart a kid's show. It's basically a kid-friendly version of "The X-Files" following two young boys in the titular town of Eerie, Indiana. While Eerie, Indiana isn't nearly as scary as the real-life Gary, Indiana, it's close. There's zombies, mummies, warewolves and even a young Toby McGuire (and have you seen what he did to Peter Parker? Frightening shit). There is some stuff for adults here as well, so you'll have a good time catching a couple episodes if you remember it from when you're younger, just don't expect anything hardcore or anything.

So, if you're finding yourself snowed in yet again (thanks February!) and either want to spend some quality time with the kids or even your inner child, fire up a few episodes of this show. It should tide you over until this cold spell finally snaps.



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