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Fresh off the heels of thriving horror series' like "American Horror Story" and "The Walking Dead", ABC brings us "666 Park Ave", which debuted Sunday night at 10pm and is off to a promising start. The opening scene packs quite a punch and gives us a peak at just what this old apartment building and it's owner, Gavin, will have in store for us this season. Lets take a look at what the pilot episode gave us shall we? There are slight spoilers ahead, but I'll try to stay away from the major stuff.

The key players:

I swear, Netflix Streaming is turning me into a big nostalgic baby. When I think of classic horror television from my childhood, there's some obvious shows that come to mind, "Tales from the Crypt", "Monsters", "The X-Files", "Dark Shadows", all that jazz. There was one that I sorta forgot about until I read it's name going through this week's new additions to Netflix's Instant Stream, but upon reading I was awash in a wave of nostalgia, "Eerie, Indiana". If you remember the show, it was that same feeling you just got.

Haplin Minnesota, also known as Happy Town to the locals, might possibly be the greatest place on earth. The fishing’s good, there’s no crime and because of a giant bread factory it smells like fresh rolls all the time. Kind of gets you all warm and fuzzy huh? Alright so there was the whole yearly disappearance of one of the residents but honestly for all the good in the town I think giving up one person a year is a fair trade off. Now, five years after the last disappearance there’s been a murder in Happy Town and that’s where the first episode of the show starts out.