Netflix Streaming Friday - "House of the Devil"

Horror films were just better in the '70s and '80s. Fact. Debate that all you want, but deep down inside, you know I'm right. While films like "Let the Right One In" still come along every now and then and remind us that the genre still has some life in it, even the best of these films are just lacking that charm, that mood, that vibe that those older horror flicks had. Even the worst, cheesiest schlock fests from this period had some heart and a feel that made them memorable, regardless of how awful the film itself was. Whereas horror films once were filled with bright, vivid colors, insanely catchy scores and creative framing and staging, we're now left with various shades of gray and brown, generic nu-metal and shaky cam.

No, I'm not just going on a premature "back in my day" rant (those weren't even my days, I'm 25), there is a point to this. "House of the Devil", while filmed in 2009, feels like those horror films of old. While the film itself isn't perfect (even I, a through and through Italian horror fan, will admit this film is pretty slow during the middle 40 minutes), the feel and mood is such a perfect throwback to those films of old you won't care. It's all there, the straight out of the '70s title screen, the grainy film from the '80s, the Argento-esque use of vivid colors and the Carpenter-esque signature theme. It's so much of a throwback that it was even released on VHS. Seriously cool.

While not the best movie ever made, fans of old school horror films really need to check this one out. Even if you find the slow pacing a bit much, the atmosphere and vibe will remind you of how great this genre can be when a film-maker really goes all out with the style.



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