Netflix Streaming Friday: "Dead Alive (Braindead)"

Yes. "Dead Alive" is now streaming.

For most of you, that's enough to have you go rushing to your TVs to boot your Netflix streaming device of choice up. If you're somehow unfamilar with the film "Dead Alive", you may know it under the name "Braindead".

Still not ringing a bell? I envy you. I first saw "Dead Alive" when I was ten or so. I was spending the night at a friend's house and we had an old VHS copy of "Dead Alive" from his older brother. Neither of us had seen the movie before, but I knew what it was from the distinctive box art. Little did we know what this film had in store for us. Afterwards, we were hooked. It became a weekly ritual, his house, horror movie. We binged through them all, "Evil Dead", "Dawn of the Dead", anything and everything we could find. Fourteen years later, I'm writing for BGH. Possibly because of this movie.

Why? Easy, this movie is fucking insane. Our protagonist, Lionel, lives with his insanely over-protective mother. While out on a date at the zoo with the creepy, borderline stalker checkout girl from the local grocery store, Lionel's mother tags along to keep tabs on the couple. Unfortunately for her, she gets a little to close to the Sumatran Rat Monkey exhibit and gets bit by the primate. A few days later, her face is hanging on with super glue, parts of her head are falling off into her dessert and she's eating dogs. And that's all in the first fifteen movies.

You must, must, MUST see this movie. Trust me. Really, if you've never seen it, I'm insanely jealous. You'll be blown away the first time you watch it. It's that good.