Liam Neeson throat punches the box office, plus the week ahead

"The Grey" snagged an estimated 20 million and the top spot this weekend according to Box Office Mojo, who points out that that's a win for the distributor:

The Grey opened lower than Taken's $24.7 million and also a tad below Unknown ($21.9 million). Those were both PG-13, featured robust marketing from their big-time distributors, and were essentially cousins of the Bourne series. For The Grey to even come close to those movies speaks both to Mr. Neeson's drawing power and the importance of having an interesting, easily conveyable story (in this case, it was "Liam Neeson fights wolves!").

As far as "Underworld: Awakening", slightly surprising...

Last weekend's winner Underworld Awakening dipped 51 percent to an estimated $12.5 million. That's a stronger hold than any of the previous Underworld movies had, and its $45.1 million total through 10 days is also a franchise best.

Everyone here at BGH may not be okay with that, but I wouldn't mind if we saw more of these films... especially if that gets us one step closer to the inevitable "Resident Evil" Crossover I've been obsessing over ever since we brainstormed the idea on the latest podcast episode. Just think of all the sexy, sexy possibilities...

Anyway, we'll be sitting down to record a show on "Wolffighter 3D" Monday night. I haven't gotten reports from every podcaster yet, but I will say that at least one of them expressed their desire to have this film be "inside" them, so take that how you will... Also, newbie Andrew apparently likes being harassed because he's joining us again this week. You should probably start getting excited, like now.

Other things you can expect this week, a text review of "The Grey" here on the site, a bunch of horror-themed music videos to feast your eyes on, Joe exploring his disturbed thoughts in the daily news, and of course, more Livestreaming! Stay tuned to Twitter or Facebook to see who's up on the chopping block next. That's Thursday, 7:30pm EST. Episode 200 is right around the corner as well, so shoot us an email with your favorite BGH memory at info (at) bloodygoodhorror (dot com), or get your voicemail into us by calling 206-202-4667. Ignore the weird faxing prompt, it's just how our ghetto calling service works. We spring for nothing but the best at this website.

That's it for now, time to go play some XBOX and delay the stupid workweek. Oh, and Insanity Wolf says stay safe out there, folks.

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